Mr Tan Khim Ser 陈钦赐

Mr Tan Khim Ser 陈钦赐 is the founder of the Singapore Life Art Society (established in 1972), which aims to create greater awareness in the local art scene and foster the development of artistic talent in Singapore. Under his leadership, the youth group of Life Art Society was awarded the Singapore Youth Award in 1980. This was the highest youth accolade awarded to the art associations established in Singapore then. In 1981, Life Art Society received commendation from the Secretary General (Office of the Commonwealth) for the works it had done in promoting art and preserving national culture in Singapore. In 2003, Life Art Society was awarded Art Supporter Award by National Arts Council.


Key Milestones

1976 -  He was invited by Sin Chew Jit Poh to write more than 100 pieces of articles on art and Chinese paintings in particular.

1994 -  Member of the editing panel of “Modern History of Chinese Painting

1996 - Invited to contribute his paintings to Community Chest to be printed as “Charity Lottery” tickets for fund raising. A total 3 million pieces of tickets were printed.

1998 -  Invited by Mediacorp of Singapore to deliver a lecture on“Introduction to Chinese painting” for one year on Channel 8.

2002 -  Selected for “Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting from Chinese Worldwide”.

2009 -  The hybrid Orchid “Cattlianthe – Tan Khim Ser” was named after him.

2009 - Invited to have his painting themed “Family” to be exhibited in Louvre Museum (Paris).

2012 - Mr Tan and the members of the Life Art Society were invited by LTA to display their selected Chinese calligraphy and paintings in MRT stations and bus stops, with the hope that the spirit and love of art could be rekindled and spread to everyone in the public.

2013 -  Presented a live demonstration on Chinese calligraphy and painting themed《正气》“Song of Righteousness” in Chingay 2013.

2014 -  Invited as a judge for Singapore Jewellery Design Award.

2015 -  Together with the members of Life Art Society, a live demonstration combining Chinese calligraphy and painting themed《国运昌 隆》“Prosperity for our Nation” was presented in the form of live parade to the audience in celebration of SG50 in Chingay 2015.

2017 -  Interviewed by National Archives of Singapore. His biography was collected by Oral History Interview of National Archives.